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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 11, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, two bay area college students hoping to be on the football field this fall arrested and possibly facing prison time. a credittal weekend for construction crews has become a traffic nightmare. after 35 years the doors aresing on a popular bay area burger joint. it's dishing up food for the final time this night. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. work on san francisco's doyle drive is nearly complete. we have less than 36 hours of the traffic headache left before the new presidio parkway opens making the drive smoother and safer than ever before. good evening, i'm katie marzullo. there's a live look for you at the golden gate bridge right now. on the left side you can see a line of drivers trying exit on
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to lincoln boulevard to get to the west side of the city. very slow going for them. everyone else passing by the exit is going to take highway 1 through the presidio and into the heart of san francisco. let's go live to janet with an update. >> reporter: drivers say the understand the work needs to be done, doesn't make it any easier navigating through the mess. drivers are being redirected to old mason street and then lincoln to get on the golden gate bridge, as construction continues on doyle drive, the main road between marina and the bridge. the closure began monday teening allow the workers open the presidio parkway. crews are filling in the cement, paving, striping and installing medians and much more. drivers in the meantime face traffic backup. we're hearing up to an hour delay on highway 101 and highway 1. tourists were among the most confused which de -- detour to
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take. >> we took a detour just to get away from the traffic and hopefully the traffic won't be so bad in a few minutes when we try to make our way out there. we can't be on it. we're taking pictures of it. >> reporter: traffic is being directed here in the marina -- but also at 19th and geary just north of the golden gate park. officials say that construction is on schedule and so far to good. so, you can expect the doyle drive to re-open by 5:00 a.m. on monday. reporting live here in san francisco. abc7 news. >> it will be great moment. thank you. you can downtowns load the abc7 news app to deal with the detours. it's available for your smartphone or tablet and you can enable push alerts to get an update as soon as doyle drive re-opens. the app is free from your app store or get more details at abc7
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two santa rosa junior college students are accused of trying to kill a prostitute. surveillance video shows one of the suspects near a motel 6 in rohnert park where a woman was shot. cornell bernard is live with more about the arrest and the suspects. >> reporter: ronnie threadgill is charged with attempt homocide. koa sibley his friend, charged with driving the getaway college. they hoped to make the football team this summer. those plans now on hold. a female victim is still hospitalized. >> this was 19-year-old koa sibley playing football at ukiah high school. he came to santa rosa junior college this year with hopes of making the team, but those plans now on hold. >> i'm shocked. and very sad. >> reporter: santa rosa junior college football coach can't bleep 'they could be involved in
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an attempted. homocide. ronnie threadgill and his roommate, koa sibley, are charged in the shooting of a suspected prostitute, wounded at this motel 6 on july 2nd. minute after the shooting police stopped both men in a car near a fastfood restaurant but let them go, until pictures from a security camera surface showing the suspected shooter ronnie thread gil near the crime scene. >> shortly after they see a subject running away from the hotel and get into what appears to be the same vehicle. >> reporter: investigators tracked down both men and reached them. >> an outgoing kid good student, does well in his classes, and he is a very very enjoyable kid to coach. >> reporter: but threadgill had a troubled past. his own father was executed in 2013 by the state of texas for murder. >> i had talks with him in the past when he was dealing with his father's execution, and referred him at one time to student health services.
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>> reporter: wagner says both men were taking an offseason training course to get ready for football tryouts. a motive for the shooting is not nope. the victim it hospitalized, unable to speak. >> protesters in the east bay are fighting back against crude oilship. -- oil shipments on trains. abc7 news was in richmond today as people chanted and marched through the streets. these activists say kinder morgan is putting their lives in danger by sending trains filled with crude oil to the bay area two years ago 46 people died in canada after a crude oil train derailed. >> they allow the corporations to drive their trains and endanger our communes and allow hem to have power over other decisions that are affecting the public health of this community. >> richmond city leaders voltsed to stop the trains but federal law overrules the city's
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resolution, we called kinder morgan to get their side and told us quote no comment. many historians call the korean war the forgotten war. san francisco took a major step toward remembering the conflict. the soak soak consul general presented a check for a million dollars to help build a memorial in the presidio. the memorial will feature an image of marine corps lieutenant lopez who was killed by a machine gun fire. >> a grenade, a ranger threw it and he was cut across chest. he fell and reached out pulled the grenade under his body so other people could survive. >> the korean war lasted from 1950 to 1953. 326,000 americans served in the conflict, more than 36,000 lost their lives. only a few hours left to get
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a burger at a popular restaurant out of berkeley. burger depot is closing for good tonight. after 35 years of serving customers six days a week, the husband and wife owners of the family-run business have decided it's time to retire. >> i have two fantastic grandkids. i love it. i want to spend more time with them. >> just such hard working people. just do the best to provide for the family and to give us as much as they can to their customers. >> he's part of the neighborhood. they know everybody. it's like family. so, he has been a good neighbor and a good friend and serves a great burger. we'll miss him in the neighborhood. >> several customers have been leaving behind thoughtful notes for the family. burger depot closes tonight at 9:30. still ahead at 6:00, the girlfriend of an oakland yays player honored at a bay area pride event today. oakland rolls out a new park
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thanks to big push from a driven community member. just never know what you'll see at rush hour in los angeles. >> i'm lisa argen in for drew tuma. a nice afternoon in the east bay. livermore and concord running below average around 80 today. breezy right now. a look at the warming trend moments away.
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a celebration of pride in the east bay this afternoon. abc7 news was there as music filled the air for the fifth annual castro valley pride celebration. organizers honored erin dolan with their community ally award. she stood up to social media backlash after fans objected to the oaklandout athletics hosting a proceed night. >> i was raised by two moms and i wanted to see a place for that community that means to so much to me that i was raised in. >> her boyfriend is a's pitch sean doing. the raised $40,000. abc7 news was at the opening of a new skate park in west oakland today. this is the first time there's a permanent place to skate.
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oakland's founding father of the skate scene keith william led the effort to get it built. before the park there was just a temporary skate park made of wooden ramps and obstacles. levi's donated $300,000 for the new skate park. volunteered helped build it. los angeles police want to track down a driver who was going the wrong way on a busy road. it was actually worse than just the wrong way. the driver was driving in reverse for more than two twisty miles from mulholland drive to sunset boulevard. police said witness one of the most reckless driving incidents they have seen. the good this is they saw a deal are license plate and believe they can find the driver. >> coming up next at 6:00 how this year's state fair is adapting to a drought-stricken california and could the bay area heat up? meteorologist lisa argen is up information with the forecast. >> serena williams completed the serena slam, and jorg spieth can compete the grand slam of golf,
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and water from the log ride will be recycled for other purposes and water that filled the lagoon will be nearly water-free. time now for a check of the forecast lisa argue 'is -- argen is in and know moisture on deck. >> you can see the green here represented underneath the clouds and high above we do have some moisture. will it make it to the bay area? maybe in the form of mist and drizzle tomorrow morning but that's about it. we don't have marine layer to talk about. i was close enough, thwacks weather system to nix things out. sunshine in the city. 6. 71 in san jose. mid-sevens in morgan hill. and despite the wind we did manage to warm up well into the upper 70s here at the boardwalk. 71, santa rosa. novato 73. the wind has being blowing pretty good, east bay hills,
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winds up to 25-30-miles-an-hour temperatures running below average gain. came up a little bit from yesterday and will continue to have numbers pretty much in this range for the next couple of days before we get a warmup. 73 was the high in oakland. 82 in gilroy. 80 in antioch. and a busy golden gate bridge and we're looking at right now a nice night. giants game just about a half hour away. we'll see mild temperatures everywhere overnight. more sunshine on tap after morning low clouds, partly cloudy for some. nine's returning by wednesday for our inland east bay. so we will look for some of the clouds to move in but water temperatures have been running very, very warm. in the mid-60s here. so, partly cloudy sky and with the warmer water temperatures, numbers ranging from 58 in napa, overnight, to waking up tomorrow, 58 in san rafael. 60, palo alto, and san jose. so we'll have the clouds to start out. low pressure head out of town,
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the mist and drizzle on thursday, and we're back to our usual summer pattern to start the work week before high pressure builds and the onshore flow backs off, then we'll gate warming trend. tomorrow thunderstorms have dissipated in the sierra nevada. it's been dry and that's the trend we slowly warring temperatures in the mountains. 73 for sunday. 70 in monterey. pretty mild even with some clouds along the coast tomorrow. 79 in san jose. a little shy of average. 77 redwood city, 78. palo alto. pacifica, 64. look for 67 in san francisco. north bay numbers mid-70s santa rosa. 77 napa. near east bay, a little change. 72 over at oakland. 76 union city and low to mid-80s in our east bay valleys. 83 pittsburg. the accuweather seven-day forecast, what a change
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tomorrow. some cloud cover in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon. then notice monday, not much difference. tuesday, we're up to 90 inland and wednesday and thursday, the warmest days with 80s around the bay clouds at the coast, and then cool off by next weekend. >> thank you, lisa. >> over to shu now. sports and a lot of talk of tennis. >> women wimp winding down and 33-year-old serena william the oldest woman to win at the championship today. defeating garbiñe muguruza in in-and cleated her second serena slam winning all four marriages but not in a canal larry year this last time these two met garbiñe amended her a loss. but today serena rallies. serving on set point. takes the set. now up 5-3 in the second but the 21-year-old garbiñe wasn't going down without a fight.
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a little inside-out. next game, serena breaks serve. match point after a short rally the shot is wide. serena so focused on the point she didn't know she won the championship. he finally figured it out. her 21st major title completing her second career serena slam, winning the last four majors not in a calendar year but can complete the grand slam at the u.s. open. >> super excited. knew i wanted to win wimbledon this year of all the grandmothers. i just feel the one i hundred won in a while so i was like, really want to win wimbledon, and it happened. just amazing. feels really really good. >> talking about major titles for women, head to lancaster, pennsylvania, for the women's golf. michelle wie in the hunt. she had the shot of the day. sixth hole.
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156-yard. her tee shot on line. an ace. 3-over. michelle wei battling bursitis, shot back to back. she is 2-under. six shots back of leader amy yang. birdie here on four, the leader going into sunday. third round of the john deere classic last week's winner danny lee, doesn't get much better than that, does it? it does, jordan speight taking a lot of criticism for that playing in the scottish open to prepare for the british. back pedals in for an eagle. zach johnson -- you heard the roar on another hole. spieth finished with a 10-under 61 thanks to the birdie on 18. he this the leader, two up on danny lee. several players tuning up for the british open playing
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the scottish, rickie fowler serves up the leaderboard with three birds bogey and an eagle on 16. he is tied for third. academy brook saturdayed the day will a double bogey but rebounded nicely. ninth hole just off the fairway, rolls towards the hole. he is 1-under and the leader by one shot at 12 under par. the a's ening the first half before the all-star break on the road where they've lost three straight. pitcher jessy haun was livinged but placed on the dl with a forearm issue. fourth inning 1-0 oakland. brandon moss, swing and a miss. game now tied in the seventh. reddick scores the a's go up 2-1. cleveland tied it but in the eighth bags full of a's for billy butler, goes opposite down the first baseline. everybody scores and the a's lead 5-2 in the eighth. those complete highlights at
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9:00 and 11:00. >> stage eight of the tour de france near 98 moneys britain chris froome is in the lead taking the stage in four hours and 21 minutes, retains the yellow jersey, has an 11 second lead. this sports record brought to you by bank of the west, giants and phillies tonight at at&t park. >> i like the vantage point on tour de france from the castle. good seats. >> yes. >> next at 6:00 why these photos of a boy outside a mcdonald's went viral and how they have since changed his luck. the golden state warriors nominated in sex categories for the 2015 espy awards, slug the best team, and steph curry for best throw it. good to abc7 for a link to cast your ballot. we'll be covering the epees sis
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joining us tonight for abc7 news on kofy tv 20. may nod have made it to comic-con. no problem. we have an inside look at the pop culture show. plus. >> he looks like such a stupid fato. >> then on abc7 abc7 at 11:00, here on channel 7 an 11-year-old boy speaks out against cyberbullies. his message reaches all the way to the white house. a picture that's gone viral is changing the life of a young filipino boy and others in his community.
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a filipino student shot these photos of a nine-year-old boy doing his homework outside of a mcdonald's in sabu and potioned them on facebook. local news crews tracked him down and found that the boy often went to school hungry and studied outside the mcdonald's because it hadlight. his mother said he was studying to be a police officer. daniel's story went viral and donations are powering in and he got a scholarship to college. >> the power of a photograph. good luck to daniel. that is it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. and don't forget, watch abc is now available for xbox. you can use the news xbox 360 app to see abc7 news live and new episodes of all of your favorite abc shows. to start download the app from
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